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Audiowizualni.pl web portal is a project of the Polish Audiovisual Centre Foundation (FPCA) carried out with the Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce since 2008. The project is mostly aimed at film and television producers and professionals associated with the audiovisual market. The site`s content helps to emphasize the importance of producer`s part in the film production and find devices necessary for the film production development.

Audiowizualni.pl editorial staff are composed of professional film journalists. Most of them also specialize in other fields of culture and are experienced in creating databases. Contributors representing other leading specializations are invited to develop the project, regarding a wide range of the website`s subjects.

The most important sections at Audiowizualni.pl are news bulletin of Polish producers of feature films, documentaries, animations and television programmes, databases systematizing information on the audiovisual market in Poland and significant information for professionals.

Audiowizualni.pl is one of the few websites in the audiovisual industry that is well adapted to be used by people with disabilities. Its HTML and CSS codes are friendly for computer mouse controlling apps or keyboard navigation in case of physically handicapped persons, it also offers the site`s contrast version for people with visual disabilities. We fulfill the European Union directives and we obtained two W3C certifications.

Since the 13th of January 2013 the website is integrated into all important social media platforms. Each text published on it can be shared on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Myspace, Bloger, etc., by their users. The website is uploaded with videos presenting chosen audiovisual footage provided by producers affiliated to KIPA and promotional films of regional film funds. The new site also offers other functionalities, a new navigation and layout. Its arrangement of information was changed as well. Gathering all databases created by Audiowizualni.pl editorial staff so far in one place (Film Market section) is the greatest change when compared to the previous version of the website. This part of the site has been Audiowizualni.pl website`s core for many years. The offered solution makes getting information on particular parts of audiovisual industry easier for viewers, film producers, promotors, journalists, researchers, scientists, etc. During 2011/2012 the editorial staff`s journalistic and documentative works on film market research were cofinanced by Polish Film Institute (PISF). 

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