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AgoraAgora S.A.
ul. Czerska 8/10
00-732 Warszawa, Poland
ph. +48 (22) 555 53 34
fax: +48 (22) 555 40 00
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website: www.agora.pl

Agora has been present on the Polish film market since 2008. Agora produces fiction films and documentaries, both independently and as a co‑producer. Agora has worked with numerous renowned artists, including Wojciech Smarzowski, Juliusz Machulski, Marek Koterski, Jerzy Zieliński, Borys Lankosz, Janusz Majewski, and Agnieszka Holland. Agora focuses on films designed to appeal to a wide audience. The company has a wide variety of genres available – from comedies to dramas and war dramas. Agora’s first independently‑produced full‑length feature film – Król Życia (The King of Life), directed by Jerzy Zieliński, premiered in 2015. NE XT FILM, a distribution company founded in 2012, as part of Grupa Helios (Helios Group), is an Agora company. Every year, NE XT FILM brings the most popular Polish films to cinemas around the country – Drogówka (Traffic Department), by Wojciech Smarzowski, and the winner of the 39th Gdynia Film Festival, Bogowie (Gods), a movie by Łukasz Palkowski.


Most important films:

  • Traffic Department,(2013) dir.Wojciech Smarzowski
  • Gods, (2014) dir. Łukasz Palkowski
  • Karbala,(2015) dir. Krzysztof Łukaszewicz,
  • Disco Polo, (2015) dir. Maciej Bochniak
  • The King of Life,(2015) dir.Jerzy Zieliński
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