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ATM Grupa

ATM Grupa S.A.
ul. Dwa Światy 1, 55-040 Bielany Wrocławskie (poczta Kobierzyce)
tel. (71) 776 47 00 lub (71) 776 47 10
fax: (71) 776 47 13
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ATM Grupa established in 1992 is the largest independent TV producer in Poland. The company holds approximately 14% share of the market estimated at 750 mln PLN. ATM is the only company in the market with its own technical and logistic facilities such as recording studios and equipment which enable the provision of the full range of services in the field of development and production of TV programs.

ATM produces programs on behalf of Polsat TV, Polish Media (TV4), Polish Television and Magna Entertainment. Among the realized formats are: series („Świat wg Kiepskich”, „Fala zbrodni”, „I kto tu rządzi”, „Ekipa”, „Tango z Aniołem”, „Biuro kryminalne”, „Pitbull”); soaps („Pierwsza miłość”, „Warto kochać”); game shows („Awantura o kasę”, „Życiowa szansa”, „Daję słowo”, „Gra w ciemno”, „Oto jest pytanie”, „Przetrwanie”, „Eureko ja to wiem”); reality shows („Big Brother” – coproduced with Endemol Polska, „Bar” – six seasons, „Dwa światy”, „Amazonki”, „Gladiatorzy”, „Łysi i Blondynki”); as well as feature films – „Dlaczego nie!” (Why not!) Coproduced with MTL Maxfilm, and „Pitbull” – coproduced with Dziki Film); animated series (Saloon gier),; talk-shows (Zerwane więzi); music shows, biographical shows, documentaries and TV ads.

ATM Grupa systematically pursues its strategy to strengthen the Polish production market. It has recently concluded three contracts for the acquisition of entities from the independent TV production sector. The company has also entered the main phase of the expansion in distribution of its programs. Consequently, in addition to activities supporting the TV production, the Group now focuses on production partnerships to a greater extend then before. Its activity takes place primarily through the parent company ATM Grupa SA, which functions as a coordinating body throughout the Group. Subsidiaries:

  • ATM System – provides supplementary services in the form of image and audio editing, production, IT, equipment rental and transportation. 
  • ATM Investment – carries out construction projects for ATM Grupa and manages real estate;
  • Profil Film Agency is involved in the wider television production. It has created children shows such as „Od przedszkola do Opola” and „Babcia Róża i Gryzelka”. The  company has also produced entertainment shows („Pazury Skiby”), journalistic shows („Bez znieczulenia”), coverage, documentaries and feature films („O dwóch takich, co nic nie ukradli” - “The Two Who Did Not Still”), theatre shows for TV („Toksyny”, „Naczelny”). Moreover, in spring and summer, Profil organises meetings for the representatives of almost the entire media environment – Niptel;
  • AUT (Television Services Agency)– a subsidiary of Profilm, carries out support services for TV production, primarily editing, shooting, implementation, sound and lighting.
  • Studio A – specializes in the TV series production. The company is particularly successful in the production of comedy shows  („Ranczo” produced for TVP, sitcom „Halo Hans!” for Polsat). Studio A has already made a number of thriving productions such as “Camera Cafe", "Kasia and Tomek" for TVN, or „Miodowe lata” and „Dziupla Cezara” (Polsat). The company also produces TV theatre, entertainment programs, talk shows ad game shows. Their feature film entitled „Ranczo Wilkowyje” („Wilkowyje Ranch”) hit the screens in December 2007 resulting in 350,000 tickets sold only within the first month of screening. The film directed by Wojciech Adamczyk  introduced brand new themes, not yet raised in a familiar and popular TV series „Ranczo”.
  • A2 Multimedia – produces and distributes videos available in digital form online. The company’s first project is portal Tivi.pl. New channels,  further to the existing BB4, were introduced to the platform in 2007:  „SUPERMEN-da”, „Waga” and „Łazienka” – Poland’s first miniseries to be broadcast on the Internet. In addition, the portal hosts cross-media projects such as „Happy Hour”- the TV4 gossip show’s official site, and „Kiepscy od kuchni” depicting scenes from the hit Polsat series.

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