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Bereś & Baron Media Production

Bereś&Baron Media Production sp. j.
ul. Nowowiejska 5/7, 30-052 Kraków
tel. 12 294 60 77
fax: 12  294 60 77
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bereś & Baron Media Production was established in 1997 by Artur Więcek "Baron" (a screenwriter and a film director) and Witold Bereś (film and TV producer, screenwriter, publicist).

Witold Bereś as the first one in Poland, produced a full-length feature film, designed for a wide distribution, without any public money or national institutions support – “Anioł w Krakowie” (“An Angel in Cracow”. This film was nominated for the Polish Film Awards in the most prestigious category – “best film of the year” , coming before such films as “Zemsta” (“The Revenge”) by Andrzej Wajda. Second full length feature film produced by the company was „Zakochany Anioł” (Angel in love”) had its premiere screening on the 21 of April 2005 in Hollywood at the Sunset Boulevard.

Witold Beres produced all films and TV programs directed by Baron. In most of the cases he cooperated also on Baron’s scripts, especially on the “Anioł w Krakowie” , for which he was nominated to the „best producer” award at Polish Film Awards. His film "Jegomość Tischner i jego filozofia po góralsku" was a full length cinema version of a TV series with the same title.

Artur Więcek had produced for the Public TV the first series of  „Rozmowy na koniec wieku”, he directed „Historię filozofii po góralsku wg Tischnera” (for which he received the National Broadcasting Council's award and another prize at the „Prowincjonalia” festival in Września), as well as a documentary cycle „Archiwum polskich wydarzeń kulturalnych”.

He is also a co-author of the scipts for TV productions „W tym domu nie straszy” and a continuation  „W tym domu nadal straszy” and an animated series “Kleofas w świecie kapitalizmu” (for which he was awarded by the Enterpreneurship Foundation). The last achievements of Bereś & Baron Media Production are two meaningful documentaries:  „Tischner: ksiądz na manowcach” and  „Dowódca Edelman” (emission title: „Marek Edelman. Życie. Po prostu”) created with in the cooperation with TVN and Polish Film Institute.

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