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ul. Grochowska 341/80
03-822 Warszawa, Poland
mobile: +48 506 642 021
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GRANIZA was founded in 2007 by Jacob Dammas with the aim of producing creative documentaries of various forms and lengths. Today the company also works with transmedia storytelling. International coproduction is a natural feature of our projects. We therefore eagerly engage in cooperation with international partners and creative people who share the experience of living and working in more than one culture. GRANIZA is a member of The Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce  (KIPA).

Project titles (selected):

  • “Mr Jan and His 40 Girls”, in development (supported by Polish Film Institute)
    The only female brass band in Poland, consisting of 40 young musicians is directed by the 75-year-old Mr Jan Skroś who is the orchestra’s conductor, manager, fundraiser and mechanic.

  • “Kruzensthern: From Dimy to Dorota”, 2013, short documentary (ZFF)
    About a sudden short and intensive meeting between a sailor and a girl during Tall Ships’ Races in Szczecin.

  • „Polish Illusions“, 2012, 72 min. Creative documentary (ARTE, MDR, TVP, YLE)
    A multi-plot story about an ex-US army helicopter pilot, his young Polish apprentice, and an aging stubborn magician, who are all trying to find their place in small-town Poland during the process of modernization.
    Festivals: HotDocs, Karlovy Vary, CPH:DOX, Krakow, Big Sky, Trieste, with more.

  • „ABCinema“, 2009, 28 min. Cultural documentary (for Danish Film Institute, DVD)
    About a Danish film collective in 1968-70 that tried to gather the arts and formulate a new film language. The group counted several nowadays renowned Danish artists.

  • “Kredens”, 2007, 26 min. Autobiographical documentary (TVP, Kino Polska)
    A tragicomic story about the young director’s search for a piece of family furniture that disappeared in the late 1960s in a time, when thousands of Polish Jews had to leave Poland.
    Festivals: HotDocs, DokLeipzig, Cinema du Reel, Krakow, DocLisboa, with more.

Graniza, materiały promocyjne

Producers about themselves:

What we have in common is an experience of living in more than one culture and our productions are trying to face this complexity of a globalizing world, without loosing sight for the local situation. We believe that in a world in which relations between people, communities, countries, media and markets are increasingly globalized, filmmaking should not remain national. We share an interest in the topic of borders and how to overcome them. Most of our projects relate to this subject in one way or another. Some are about social, cultural or personal borders, others are about migration or trans-nationality. Therefore we are also trying to challenge the esthetical and formal borders of the medium film. All our productions are made with a demanding audience in mind. We want our films to be as inspiring, enlightening and entertaining as possible, and always search for new ways of bringing our work to the viewer.

translation: GRANIZA/Audiowizualni.pl 2015

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