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Silesia-Film - Instytucja Filmowa

Silesia FilmInstytucja Filmowa "Silesia-Film"
ul. Górnicza 5, 40-008 Katowice, Poland
tel. +48 (32) 206 88 61 (63)
fax: +48 (32) 259 83 88
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Silesia-Film Institute is a professional cultural organization dealing with film production, film distribution, running of art-house cinemas as well as the protection and propagation of film heritage.

The Institute runs the Silesia Film Commission and both, governs and develops the Silesian Film Fund, which is the first fund in Europe to offer the producers the cofinancing acquired from the crowdfunding path, apart from the traditional contest path. In February, as the first in Poland, the Institute brought to life the Silesian Film Fund for International Co-productions - the fund solely dedicated to international coproductions. Owing to these tools, the Silesia Voivodeship has become a location for film productions. This way the Institute influences the development of small and medium companies that provide services for film business. By supporting the filmmakers, it provides the necessary help as well as organization and administration connected with preparing and making of films.

The International Festival of Film Producers REGIOFUN has been being organized by the Silesia-Film Institute since 2010 as its most important event. The festival combines all aspects of the Institute's work creating the synergy between the producers, local governments and commissions, as well as the European funds. It is the only festival in the world that promotes cinema and films that are being made thanks to the support of local governments and local film funds. The Institute's activity connected with film production has also its reflection in the international network of cooperation - Cine Regio - which associates European film funds, including the Silesia-Film.

The Institute supports film distribution in Poland as an independent party as well as in cooperation with its partners - both public and private distributors. The Independent distribution is focused foremost on the documentary films coproduced by the Silesia-Film - it helps the films to be shown in the cinemas all over Poland, these associated in the Art-house and local cinemas, as well as the houses of culture that are equipped with their own cinema rooms. The film distribution in cooperation with the partner companies relates to the distribution of valuable films directed at older kids and the youth.

The Silesian Film Archive is the part of the Institute that is responsible for the cinematographic heritage of the Voivodeship. It is the biggest and the only one in Poland regional film archive. The Silesian Film Archive obtains, gathers, catalogues, works out, reconstructs and digitalizes the collections. It realizes the international cooperation as a part of the Weimar Triangle, Visegrad Group, as well as the International Federation of Film Archives, and it also plays the animator to the multisectoral educational programs in the field of film culture. Owing to the publications of the newly created Silesia Film Archive Publishing house, we are now closer to the research and popular literature on films.

Silesia-Film runs a network of cinemas within the Silesia Region that present o repertoire of social and artistic values. They are the Katowice cinemas that belong to the international network Europa Cinemas: The Rialto Theatre Cinema, The Światowid Cinema, The Kosmos Cinema Film Art Centre, The Janosik Cinema in Żywiec and the Bałtyk Cinema in Raciborz. Each of these cinemas is equipped with digital projectors, which enable using the latest 4K and 3D technologies. What makes the cinemas exceptional on the national scale is no commercials before film screening.

translation: Silesia-Film/KIPA 2015

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