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STI Studio Filmowe

STI Studio FilmoweSTI Studio Filmowe Sp. z o. o.
ul. Śniadeckich 10
00-656 Warszawa, Poland
tel. +48 22 629 21 69
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

STI Film Studio was founded in 1994. We produce feature films, TV series, TV theaters and television documentaries. Winner of Polish Film Award "Eagles" and Silver Leopard at Locarno for the film "33 Scenes from Life" we work with Polish Television and many TV stations and producers in Europe. Studio provides services for foreign producers.

STI Studio Filmowe - plakat do filmu 33 sceny z życiaSTI Studio Filmowe - plakat do filmu Ono



Major productions:

  • "Where Eskimos Live" (2000/2001). Feature film, Polish-German-American coproduction. The screenplay was awarded at the international competition Hartley-Merryll in 1996 and won the Sundance NHK Filmmakers Award. It's the first Polish film with the Hollywood star (Bob Hoskins). In June 2002, the film won the top prize at the festival in Avingnion.

  • "Strangers" (2002/2003). Feature film directed by Małgorzata Szumowska. The screenplay was nominated for the Sundance NHK Filmmakers Award 2001. It was coproduced with the German studio Pandora, at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia in 2004 won the award for Best Supporting Actor (Mark Walczewski) and for music (Paul Mykietyn). Film shown among others at Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale.

  • "Long Winter Without Fire" (2004). Feature film directed by Greg Zgliński. Co-production with TVP and the Swiss company Cab Production. At the Venice Film Festival has been honored with awards for his directorial debut, and the Catholic jury. Won the grand prize on Swiss Film Festval.

  • "Karol - A Man Who Became Pope" (2004). Feature, TV series, showing the life of Karol Wojtyla from his teenage years until the election of the pope. The screenplay, by Giacomo Batiatto is based on the book by Gian Franco Svidercoschi. Film made for the Italian Film Nova Films studio.

  • "33 Scenes from Life" (2008) directed by Malgorzata Szumowska, among others, Polish Film Award winner "Eagles" and the Silver Leopard in Locarno. In 2014, together with Media Corporation makes series "Blonde" for Polish Television.

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