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Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP)

TVPTelewizja Polska S.A.
ul. Woronicza 17, Warszawa, Poland 
tel. +48 (22) 547 80 00
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On 25 October 1952 the Experimental TV Station of the Institute for Communication, which was located on Ratuszowa Street 11 in Warszawa, broadcasted the first test television programme in Poland. Regular TVP Polish television programme broadcasting began in January 1953. At fist, a 30 minute programme was broadcasted once at week. After three months the broadcasting time was increased to one hour per week. From then on people in Poland for the first time were able enjoy sport programmes, children programmes, and even TV theatre plays.

In the mid 1950s TV announcers and presenters began appearing on Polish television to accompany Polish TV viewers for decades. In 1956 for the first time in the history of Polish television viewers saw a criminal show. TV Commercial, nowadays one of the main sources of financing for television, emerged in 1956 and at the time could be broadcasted for only 15 minutes a week. As early as 1958 first edition of “Telewizyjny Kurier Warszawski” was broadcasted in Warszawa. Cultural magazine “Pegaz”, still broadcasted on TVP1 channel, began in 1959. Weather forecast as a regular programme following “Wiadomości” news on TVP1 was broadcasted for the first time in September 1957. The same year first children’s
programme was also broadcasted.

In 1963 Polish Television (TVP) signed an agreement with the Main Cinematography Board concerning TV film production. TVP participation in film production increased with creation of Television Film Studio POLTEL with regional offices in Katowice and Kraków. In the late 1960s first building of Centralna Rozgłośnia Radiowa was completed after several years of construction (since 1962). Currently, the head office of TVP S.A. is located in these buildings on Woronicza Street. In 1970, initially available only in the Warszawa area, TVP2 channel was created. TVP2 has been broadcasting on a regular basis since 1974. In 1971 colour television was introduced in Poland.

From 1970 on the Polish Documentary Films series has been presenting works of Polish documentary filmmakers, archival materials, and foreign production. Nature documentaries and popular science programmes such as “Sonda” were particularly popular. In the 1990s Polish Television was transformed as a result of both political and economic changes, as well as dynamic development of technology and emergence of information society. In March 1993 Polish Television created TVP Polonia intended for Poles living abroad; currently channel is available 24/7. In addition, TVP’s legal status was altered.

On 31 December 1993 Polish Television, in the past part of the state Committee of Radio and Television structure, was turned into a Treasury joint-stock company and granted financial and organizational freedom. In the same period ten local TVP centres were turned into local (more independent) TVP offices. In 1994 TVP1 and year later also TVP2 channel started broadcasting their programme in PAL system. In April 1995 audiotele system recording viewers’ comments and opinions was introduced. In April 1997 Polish Television, as a first broadcaster in Poland, began experimental digital broadcasting of the Tylko muzyka music channel. This project was completed in February 1998. On 1 January 2001 a long awaited reform was introduced; based on the new regulation broadcasting activity is now separate from production of programmes.

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