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W.W. Sp. z o.o.
ul. Niekłańska 23
03-924 Warszawa, Poland
tel. (22) 827 76 68
fax: (22) 827 76 68


W.W. is a TV production company and has carried out various TV projects including programmes: “Idź na Całość!”, “Miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia”, “Duety do mety”, “Tele Milenium”, “Szafa gra”, “Modna Moda”, “Metamorfozy”, and mini series “Myszka Walewska”. It provides comprehensive TV, advertisement, and film production services. Furthermore, the company organizes large outdoor shows and events, such as the Warsaw Fashion Street and, upon request, special occasion events in theatres (Telekamery Awards), as well as in hotels and concert halls (New Look Design).

W.W. also co-produces films and provides post-production services (sound mix, editing, visual effects, authoring). It offers comprehensive organization of film set, casting, and press conferences. In addition, the company conducts various artistic projects, such as: Modne Miejsca publishing house, Modne Produkty publishing house, Sophisti Media Group publishing house, Forget-me-not fashion house, Sophisti web portal, and Sophisti TV – Internet TV platform.

W.W. is an independent TV production company. The key to its success lies in collaboration with a team of highly qualified professionals.

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