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Zoyda Art Production

Zoyda Art Production
ul. Powstańców 15d/502
05-091 Warszawa-Ząbki, Poland
tel. +48 (22) 799 92 22
fax: +48 (22) 799 92 22
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zoyda Art Production is a film and television production company established in 1999. It specializes in the production of historical documentary projects -  a complex, time-consuming investigations through the archives. Completing the film „Zakazana miłość – historia Broni i Gerharda” / “Forbidden Love - History of Bronia and Gerhard” (made with WDR – ARD) took three years, and “Uciekinier” / “Running Man” more than two. These films have great festival and commercial potential. “Zakazana miłość ...” the tragic history of the Pole and the German’s relationship recorded in 1941, was distributed in Europe and the USA. “Uciekinier” – the story of the most daring escape from Auschwitz - received 13 festival awards and was sold to Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Nigeria and Japan. “All about Einstein” is a coproduction of 10 countries, realized for 3 SAT and the Goethe Institut. The team cooperated with TVP, WDR, ARD, SAT 3, Canal +, TVN.

Zoyda Art is a small team, led by director Marek Tomasz Pawłowski, the company invites other artists to collaborate within the projects.

Currently Zoyda Art is preparing two historic documentaries: the Polish - German co-production „Dotknięcie anioła” / “Touch of an Angel” and the Polish archival investigation - “Jaster”. The company also is working on a feature-length version of the great escape from Auschwitz.

Zoyda Art Production - kadr z planu filmu Uciekinier, fot. Paweł Stauffer

Major productions:

  • “Zakazana miłość – historia Broni i Gerharda” (2002), dir. Marek Tomasz Pawłowski
  • “All about Einstein” (2005), dir. Marek Tomasz Pawłowski and Małgorzata Walczak
  • “Uciekinier” (2007), dir. Marek Tomasz Pawłowski
  •  “Cyrk ze złamanym sercem” / “Circus With a Broken Heart" (2010), dir. Marek Tomasz Pawłowski

Zoyda Art Production - kadr z planu filmu Cyrk ze złamanym sercem, fot. Rafał Wróblewski


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