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Gdynia Film Fund

Gdyński Fundusz Filmowy (Gdynia Film Fund)
Centrum Kultury w Gdyni (Gdynia Culture Centre)
ul. Łowicka 51, 81-504 Gdynia, Poland
ph: (58) 664 73 77, fax: (58) 664 73 77
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website: www.ckgdynia.pl
contact person: Katarzyna Gradowska

Gdynia - Polish New York

Gdynia – the city that National Geographic called Polish New York – admired not only for its superb location.  It is also one of the most friendly and open cities in Poland, the policy of which supports the unconventional and promising endeavours – also those relating to film industry. 

Gdynia (1)

For over 30 years Gdynia, the Capital of Polish Film, tries to make the programme of every edition of its Polish Film Festival more attractive by increasing the number of accompanying events: screenings, discussions, concerts and meetings. More and more associations, film clubs and independent artists co-operates with the festival, which changes and develops on year-to-year basis. 

Pomeranian Film Fund in Gdynia has been established in 2004 by the local authorities of the Pomorskie Region, Gdynia District and Polish Filmmakers Association.

Gdynia (2)

As the organizer and producer of Polish Film Festival (FPFF), Pomeranian Film Fund in Gdynia supports the development of all film arts and film script-writing and helps in the artistic and professional development of filmmakers. 

The suport of such initiative as organized for the fifth time Pomeranian Film Workshops aim to increase young people’s cinematographic awareness and to create for them suitable conditions for the development of their passions.  The participants of the workshops take part in every stage of film production, from script-writing through co-operation with professional actors and shooting, till the edition and post-production.  One short film, the joint work of all the participants, is being produced during the workshop.  The work is written, directed and edited by the whole group.  The work of the participants is supervised by the professional filmmakers like directors Wojciech Marczewski and Robert Gliński, script-writers Grzegorz Łoszewski and Paweł Huelle and editors Milenia Fiedler and Rafał Listopad. 

Pomeranian Film Fund in Gdynia is also the actively engaged in the execution of international projects, whose objective is the promotion of Polish artists abroad.  Twice-organized Polish Film Festival in Dublin as well as Irish Film Review in Poland are only the examples of such activities.

Gdynia (3)

The city actively supports independent film production; in 2009 Gdynia plans to organize International Off-Film Festival. 
Gdynia also offers numerous unique shooting locations.  Apart from the exceptional location of the city itself, special attention should be paid to the citizens, who readily participate in film events, projects and endeavours.  As the example we would only mention the last documentary films productions of Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing based on the ideas supplied by Gdynia citizens, that were shown during the last year’s festival edition. 

The history of the city itself and the uniqueness and melange of locations one might discover with each step make Gdynia such an attractive shooting location.

The erection of Gdynia is one of the biggest achievements not only of the II Republic, but of the whole Polish history.   The creation of the big agglomerate in place of a small village within only a couple of years was the unprecedented endeavour at European level.  ‘Suddenly’ on the European map  a 120-thousand citizens’ city and a big Baltic Sea harbour appeared.  The architecture of Gdynia  - its downtown, harbour and residential quarters – encompasses various artistic trends of European modernism.  Gdynia’s downtown is the living museum of magnificent interwar architecture.  The city is also the only European example of ship-houses cluster  inspired by sea romanticism.  Nowadays many architectures refer to the city modernism, especially its ‘marine’ variant.  One of the examples worth mentioning is the shopping centre Batory, which resembles the legendary Polish transatlantic liner. 

Gdynia is one of the most dynamic of Polish cities; newly opened Kwiatkowski Route links Gdynia harbour and northern city districts with Tri-City ring road.  In practice this is the beginning of A1 motorway.  Works are also carried out on the construction site of the tallest building in town called Sea Towers.  This multi-storey apartment building, that includes service/office premises, is being erected in Nabrzeże Prezydenta (President’s Wharf).   Its height, twice taller than the nearby Kamienna Góra, will offer most unusual panorama of the Bay of Gdańska, Hel peninsula and the whole Tri-City (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot). 

Gdynia (4)

This city of sea and dreams houses such unique object as: Gdynia Aquarium, Summer Stage, The Avenue of Cruisers.  Moored at the quay unusual museums on the water: sailing ship Dar Pomorza and Błyskawica destroyer  are also considered as great attractions of the city. 
One should also see the Planetarium and rest for a while on the unique Redłowo cliff or the Tri-City Countryside Park.  Gdynia is full of interesting places currently opened to the public, like:

- Automotive Museum (possessing 100 unique motorcycles and 20 historic cars)
- Kolibki -  the residence of Wejher’s Sobieski’s and Przebendowski’s families with well preserved manor house and stables from the XIX-century, as well as the part with ancient trees including the oak named after Marysieńka Sobieska.  For the couple of years now the park is being restored
 - Artillery Guns Bettery in Redłowo – created at the end of the 40-ties.  Similar batteries with guns pointed at the sea have been also created in other Polish harbours.  Redłowo battery located on the cliff is the best preserved of them all. 
- two look-on towers with magnificent panorama of Gdynia: one located on Donas Mountain, the higest natural mountain in Gdynia and the whole Tri-City (205,6 meters beyond sea level), second located in the western part of Kolibki, 85 meters beyond sea level.  
- City of Gdynia Museum – apart from the magnificent archives it attracted great crowds with its interactive exhibition depicting the history of Gdynia and its present days
- Golf Park – 200 meter shooting range with 10 training stands and golf game simulator. 

So… See you in Gdynia!

1. Bulwar Szwedzki
2. Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych (Teatr Muzyczny w Gdyni)
3. Gdynia Sailing Days
4. Wieża widokowa na terenie Kolibek
autorzy: Krzysztof Romański, Kacper Kowalski,
Maurycy Śmierzchalski, Halina Wasielke-Cieślak

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